16th Annual Regional & Business Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings

16th Annual Regional & Business Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings


ATR NORTH AMERICA - The Solution to Avoid Cutting Routes - download(pdf)
Guillaume Gasparri, President

AVINODE - Different Trends in Different Markets - A Comparison of the European and American Charter Market - download(pdf)
Magnus Henriksson, Manager, Business Intelligence

AVITAS - Turboprop Values and Market Outlook - download(pdf)
Douglas B. Kelly, Vice President, Asset Valuation

BANK OF AMERICA - MERRILL LYNCH - A View From Wall Street - download(pdf)
Dr. Ron Epstein, Managing Director - Aerospace & Defense

BBA AVIATION - The Evolution of the FBO Market - download(pdf)
David Best, Chief Commercial Officer - Signature Flight Support

BLACKHAWK MODIFICATIONS - A New Strategy for 2012 and Beyond - download(pdf)
Matt Shieman, Chairman

BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE - Bombardier Regional Turboprop Program Update - download(pdf)
Gordon Pratt, Director, Q-Series Aircraft Programs

BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE - Market Overview & Programs Updates - download(pdf)
M. Barry MacKinnon, Dir., Market Development - Business Aircraft

BRIAN FOLEY ASSOCIATES - State of the General Aviation Industry - download(pdf)
Brian Foley, President

EMBRAER - Bizjet Market Status and Forecast - download(pdf)
José Ricardo Rego, Manager, Market Strategies - Executive Jets

GE AVIATION - Market Overview and Program Updates - download(pdf)
Jonathan Kruszynski, Senior Marketing Manager - Commercial Aviation

GENERAL AERO COMPANY - Look East, Young Man - download(pdf)
Jack Olcott, President

GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE - Market Summary & Program Updates - download(pdf)
Steve Cass, Director, Sales Engineering & Technical Marketing

HONEYWELL AEROSPACE - Business Aviation Market Status - 3Q2011 - download(pdf)
Ed White, Director, Marketing - Propulsion Systems

ICF SH&E - How China Will Change the Business & General Aviation Market - download(pdf)
Dr. Kevin Michaels, Vice President

PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA - Business Aviation Forecasting Survey Results - download(pdf)
Eva Azoulay, VP, Strategic Planning & Business Development

ROCKWELL COLLINS - The Synchronized Business Aircraft - download(pdf)
Don Purdy, Dir., Business & Regional Strategy Development

ROLLAND VINCENT ASSOCIATES - Ahead of the Game: Insights from JETNET iQ - download(pdf)
Rolland Vincent, President

SKYWEST AIRLINES - A View from a Regional Airline: Operations, Relationships and Aircraft - download(pdf)
Russell "Chip" Childs

SUPERJET INTERNATIONAL - The New Sukhoi SuperJet VIP Business Aircraft - download(pdf)
John Buckley, VP, Business Development

WALSH AVIATION - Business Jet Market Outlook - Looking for the Bounce? - download(pdf)
John F. Walsh, President

WALSH AVIATION - Regional Turboprops: A Bit Like Waiting for The Second Coming - download(pdf)
John F. Walsh, President