24th Annual Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings

24th Annual Commercial Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings


ACA ASSOCIATES - The Energy Cost Crisis, Alternative Aviation Fuels, and their Impact on Aircraft Production - download(pdf)
Donald P. Schenk, President & CEO

AEROSTRATEGY - Air Travel Demand Growth: Nearing An Inflexion Point? - download(pdf)
Dr. Kevin Michaels, Partner

AIRBUS - Aircraft Delivery & Retirement Forecast - download(pdf)
Andrew Gordon, Director Market Analysis

AIRBUS - Commercial & Product Update - download(pdf)
Alan Pardoe, Head, Marketing Communications

ATK MISSION SYSTEMS - Aerospace Composites Industry: Update, Challenges & Trends - download(pdf)
Tim Shumate, Sr. Business Development Mgr.

AVITAS - Forecasting in Today's Uncertain World - download(pdf)
Dr. Adam M. Pilarski, Senior Vice President

B/E AEROSPACE - Current Trends: Cabin Design and Structure - download(pdf)
Glenn Johnson, Director of Design Studio

BANK OF AMERICA SECURITIES - MERRILL LYNCH - A Wall Street View of the Aerospace OEMs - download(pdf)
Dr. Ronald Epstein, Managing Dir., Aerospace & Defense

BOEING COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES - Aircraft Delivery & Retirement Forecast - download(pdf)
Andrew Magill, Director, Marketing

BOEING COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES - Product Update - download(pdf)
James A. Haas, Director, 787 Product Marketing

BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE - Optimized Turboprop and Jet Solutions for the Global 60 to 149-seat Market Segment - download(pdf)
Benjamin Boehm, VP, Commercial Aircraft Programs

BROOKSTONE PARTNERS - Managing a Business in a Volatile Commodity Environment - download(pdf)
Michael Toporek, Managing Partner

CFM INTERNATIONAL - Aircraft Delivery & Retirement Forecast - download(pdf)
Andrew Chuang, Forecasting & Analysis Leader

CFM INTERNATIONAL - LEAP-X: The Power of the Future - download(pdf)
Ron Klapproth, Director, LEAP Program

EMBRAER - Product Update - download(pdf)
Luiz S. Chiessi, VP, Market Intelligence

FEDEX EXPRESS - An Operator's Expectation from Its Suppliers - download(pdf)
Mary H. McDaniel, VP, Aircraft Material

INVENTORY LOCATOR SERVICE - Leveraging Technology - Collaboration among Airlines, OEMs and the Supplier Base - download(pdf)
George Zdravecky, VP, eBusiness Solutions

JANES CAPITAL PARTNERS - Where is Aerospace & Defense M&A Headed? - download(pdf)
Richard Phillips, Managing Director

MITSUBISHI AIRCRAFT CORPORATION AMERICA, INC. (MJETA) - Product Update: Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) - download(pdf)
Kentaro Taki, President

MORGAN STANLEY - The Aerospace Cycle: A View from the Street - download(pdf)
Heidi Wood, Managing Director

PRATT & WHITNEY - Geared Turbo Fan - The Game Changer - download(pdf)
Paul Finklestein, VP, Marketing

PRATT & WHITNEY - Aircraft Delivery & Retirement Forecast - download(pdf)
Al Wang, Senior Manager, Forecasting & Market Planning

ROLLS-ROYCE - Aircraft Delivery & Retirement Forecast - download(pdf)
Richard Evans, Market Forecasting Manager, Civil Large Engines Group

SEABURY AVIATION & AEROSPACE - Near Term Industry Outlook - download(pdf)
Stewart P. Lynn, Senior Advisor

TEAL GROUP - Opening Address - download(pdf)
Richard Aboulafia, Vice President, Analysis

WALSH AVIATION - Aircraft Delivery & Retirement - download(pdf)
John F. Walsh, President