4th Annual Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Toulouse Proceedings

4th Annual Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Toulouse Proceedings

ATR - Turboprop Family - download(pdf)
Mario Formica, Marketing Director

Aerostrategy - MRO Outlook - download(ppt)
David Stewart, Principal

Air France Industries - download(ppt)
Pierre-Yves Reville, Senior Vice President

Airbus - Product Development Update Including the A380 - download(ppt)
Colin Stuart, VP, Marketing

Airbus Military - A400M - a Launched Program - download(ppt)
David Jennings, Head of Marketing

Alderman & Company - Industry Consolidation: Review and Outlook - download(pdf)
William J. Alderman, President

Avcraft Aviation - The Dornier 328JET - download(ppt)
Ben Bartel, President and CEO

Boeing - Market Outlook - download(pdf)
Tim Meskill, Director, Markey Analysis

Boeing Commerical Airplanes - Product Development Including the 7E7 - download(ppt)
Steve Ford, Regional Director, Product Marketing

Bombardier Aerospace - Market and Program Overview - download(ppt)
Barry MacKinnon, VP, Marketing & Airline Analysis

CYTEC Engineered Materials - The Coming Age of Composite Materials - download(ppt)
Tim Shumate, Marketing Manager

EURESAS (European Center for the Aerospace and Aviation Industries) - The Emergence of the Low Cost Carriers (LCC) - download(ppt)
Professor Paul Clark, Managing Director

Embraer - Products and Market Trends Update - download(pdf)
Orlando Neto, Dir., Market Intelligence

GE Capital Aviation Services - The Aircraft Lessors - download(ppt)
Nicholas Pastushan, VP, Portfolio Management

Honeywell - Why be in Europe? - download(ppt)
Jean-Francois Chanut, VP-Airbus/EADS/Dassault Sales and Support

Intl. Air Transport Association (IATA) - World Airline Industry Outlook - download(ppt)
Peter Morris, Chief Economist

JP Morgan - European Airlines and Manufacturers: A Financial Viewpoint - download(ppt)
Chirs Avery, VP, Equity Research

PRAVCO - Emerging Regional Jet Programs - download(ppt)
Dr. David J. Pritchard, President

Rolls-Royce - The Outlook - download(ppt)
Chris Marshall, Head of Market Assessment for Civil Aerospace

SNECMA Moteurs - Commercial Aircraft Market Forecast - download(ppt)
Bernard Jubelin, Market & Aircraft Analysis Manager

Stork Fokker - New Technologies from a Supplier Viewpoint - download(pdf)
Ariane Roos, Marketing Manager

Walsh Aviation - Regional and Business Jet Aircraft Forecast - download(pdf)
John F. Walsh, President