5th Annual Aerospace & Defense Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings

5th Annual Aerospace & Defense Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings


Aerospace Industries Association - Today's Aerospace Industry and Tomorrow's Challenges - download(pdf)
Jeremiah Gertler, Asst. VP, Defense Policy

Aerostrategy - Transforming Military Aircraft Support - download(pdf)
Hal Chrisman, Principal

Boeing - KC-767 Advanced Tanker Program - download(pdf)
Gregory J. Rusbarsky, Director & Program Mgr., USAF Tanker Program

Boeing - The Airlift Gap - Bridge to the Future - download(pdf)
Daniel H. Page, Director, Airlift Business Development

CIT Aerospace & Defense Finance - Global Financing Solutions for Suppliers - download(pdf)
Robert Jones, Director, Aerospace & Defense Finance

CRA International - Ten Bellwethers for 2007: Leading Indicators of Change in the Business of Aerospace & Defense - download(pdf)
Matthew Mejia, Director, Aerospace & Defense Consulting

Center for Strategic & International Studies - The Strategic Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Defense Industry - download(pdf)
Pierre Chao, Managing Partner, Renaissance Strategic Advisors & Senior Fellow, CSIS

Global Heavylift Holdings - New US/NATO Heavylift Industry Using BC-17's - download(pdf)
Myron D. Stokes, Managing Member

Inventory Locator Service - CPR Critical Part Research for Aging Aircraft - download(pdf)
Brigita Rasys, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing

JSA Partners - Privatizing the Military - The Next Revolution in Military Affairs - download(pdf)
Joseph Schneider, President

Jeffries Quarterdeck - Emerging Trends in Aerospace & Defense Mergers 2007 and Beyond - download(pdf)
Michael J. Richter, Co-President and Head of Aerospace & Defense Investment Banking Group

Lockheed Martin - Company Overview - download(pdf)
Byron Callan, Senior Vice President, Prudential Equity Group

Northrop Grumman Air Mobility Systems - KC-30 Tanker Program - download(pdf)
Lt. Gen. William Welser, III (Retired USAF), VP, Air Mobility Systems

Prudential Equity Group - The View from Wall Street - download(pdf)
Byron Callan, Senior Vice President

Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan - Defense Mergers & Acquisitions and the Regulatory Environment Affecting Defense Firms - download(pdf)
Jeffrey Bialos, Partner

When Will Be the Next Wave of Industry Consolidation? - download(pdf)
Richard Phillips