6th Annual Aerospace & Defense Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings

6th Annual Aerospace & Defense Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings


AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION - Opening Address - download(pdf)
David Pauling, VP, Technical Operations & Supplier Management

AEROSTRATEGY - Performance Based Contracting: Today and The Future - download(pdf)
Hal Chrisman, Principal

ALABAMA AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION - Aerospace Clusters Development: Huntsville and Mobile - download(pdf)
Jeff Thompson, Director

ALDERMAN & COMPANY - A&D Outlook for Major Programs: Expected Winners and Potential Losers - download(pdf)
William H. Alderman, President

CIT AEROSPACE & DEFENSE FINANCE - The Upcoming Elections Effects on the Defense Mergers and Acquisitions - download(pdf)
Rick Phillips, Managing Director

CRA INTERNATIONAL - Acquiring U.S. Aerospace and Defense Systems from Overseas: Recent History, Future Outlook, and Implications for Suppliers - download(pdf)
Steve Grundman, Director, Aerospace & Defense Consulting

DOCUMENTAL SOLUTIONS - Product Market Overview: Military Aircraft and UAVs - download(ppt)
Mark Bobbi, Senior Analyst

EADS - MILITARY AIRCRAFT TRANSPORT DIVISION - A400M: The Airlifter for the 21s t Century - download(pdf)
Carlos Grandal, Sr. Vice President, Strategy

GE COMMERCIAL FINANCE - Global Financing Considerations in a Tight Credit Market - download(ppt)
Steve Pierson, Senior VP, Aerospace & Defense Industry Leader

INTERNATIONAL PEACE OPERATIONS ASSOCIATION (IPOA) - Peace Keeping and Stability Operation: Trends and Opportunities - download(pdf)
Doug Brooks, President

JSA PARTNERS - How Are the Changing National Security Requirements Creating Opportunities for Defense Suppliers? - download(pdf)
Joseph Schneider, President

NORTHROP GRUMMAN AIR MOBILITY SYSTEMS - Update: Air Mobility Systems - download(pdf)
Lt. General William Welser, III, VP, Air Mobility Systems

PHILPOTT BALL & WERNER - The Impact of Acquisitions - A Market Evaluation of the Benefits of Making Strategic Acquisitions & Overview of A/D Segment Valuations - download(pdf)
Edward L. Werner, Managing Director

PRATT & WHITNEY MILITARY ENGINES - The Impacts of Using Commercial Engines in Military Products: Trends, Implications, and Sustainment - download(ppt)
Kevin Trammel, Director, Aftermarket Business Development

RENAISSANCE STRATEGIC PARTNERS - Export Controls: The Effects on Military Sales - download(ppt)
Pierre Chao, Managing Partner

SUTHERLAND, ASBILL & BRENNAN - 21st Century Defense Industrial Capabilities: A Readout on the Defense Science Board Report - download(pdf)
Jeff Bialos, Partner

TBL STRATEGY - Defense Consolidation: Strategy or Necessity? - download(pdf)
Petros Kitsos, Managing Director