7th Annual Aerospace & Defense Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings

7th Annual Aerospace & Defense Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings


AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION - Opening Address - download(pdf)
Brian McDermott, VP, Supplier Management

AEROSTRATEGY - Opportunities in Military Aircraft MRO - download(pdf)
Hal Chrisman, Principal

BOEING DEFENCE UK - Delivering Capability to a Bellwether Customer - download(pdf)
Michael M. Kurth, Managing Director

CDG, A BOEING COMPANY - Strategies for Integrated Configuration Management - download(pdf)
Warren L. Smith, VP, IPC Authoring

CONCURRENT - The Impact of COTS, Open Source and Multi-Core Technologies in the Aerospace & Defense Industry - download(pdf)
Kenrick R. Jackson, VP, Real-Time Development & Concurrent Special Systems

CRA INTERNATIONAL - President Obama and National Security: The First 100 Days - download(pdf)
Steve C. Grundman, Director, Aerospace & Defense Consulting

DASSAULT SYSTEMES AMERICAS - 3D PLM: Cutting Cost and Managing a Successful Supply-Chain In a Down Economy - download(pdf)
Jeff Covert, Vice President

DOLPHIN CAPITAL HOLDINGS - Acquisition Reform is Coming: What It Will Mean for DoD and Industry - download(pdf)
Steven S. Myers, President & CEO

EADS - Airbus Military: A400M - download(pdf)
Carlos Grandal, Senior VP, Strategy & GID

ESTERLINE - Challenges and Opportunities in A&D for Specialty Manufacturers - download(pdf)
Steve Larson, VP, Strategy & Technology

FROST & SULLIVAN - Unmanned Aircraft Systems: A Market Only for Incumbents? - download(pdf)
Lindsay Voss, Industry Analyst, Aerospace & Defense

G2 SOLUTIONS - Global Military & Government Aircraft Market Outlook 2009-2020: Airframes, Avionics and Unmanned Systems - download(pdf)
Michel Merluzeau, Managing Partner

NORTHROP GRUMMAN AIR MOBILITY SYSTEMS - Product Update - download(pdf)
William Welser III, VP, Business Development

PHILPOTT BALL & WERNER - The Acquisition Effect and Defense Transaction Valuation Trends - download(pdf)
Edward L. Werner, Managing Director

RENAISSANCE STRATEGIC ADVISORS - The Strategic Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Aerospace/Defense Industry - download(pdf)
Pierre Chao, Managing Partner

TBL STRATEGY - Aerospace/ Defense 2009: In Adversity Lies Opportunity - download(pdf)
Petros Kitsos, Managing Principal

THE AVASCENT GROUP - Seeking Shelter from the Storm - download(pdf)
Doug Berenson, Partner

US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - Realities and Risks of a 21st Century Defense Industrial Base - download(pdf)
Gary Powell, Asst. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Industrial Policy)