8th Annual Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Toulouse Proceedings

8th Annual Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference in Toulouse Proceedings

ATR - Product Evolution and Turboprop Market Perspectives - download(ppt)
Mario Formica, VP, Marketing

AeroStrategy - Winds of Change in Civil Aerospace and MRO - download(pdf)
Richard O. Brown, Associate Consultant

Aerospace Valley - Aerospace Valley: A Centre of European Competitiveness - download(pdf)

Airbus - Global Market Forecast - download(pdf)
Laurent Rouaud, VP, Market Forecasts & Research

Airbus - Opening Address - download(pdf)
Tom Williams, EVP, Programmes & Acting Head of Procurement

Airbus - Product Update - download(pdf)
Colin Stuart, VP, Marketing

Airbus Military - A400M Program Status - download(pdf)
Thomas Flege, VP, A400M, Programme Procurement

Boeing - Future of Air Travel - download(pdf)
Andrew Magill, Director, Marketing

Boeing - Product Development Update - download(pdf)
Brad Till, Regional Director, Product Marketing

Bombardier - Product Developments that Benefit the Network and Balance Sheet - download(pdf)
Barry MacKinnon, VP, Markets & Airline Analysis
Martin Dion, Director, Finance- New Commercial Program & Amphibious Aircraft

CTAIRA - Risks of Future Production Rates and Inside the Demand Side for Aviation - download(pdf)
Chris Tarry, Principal

CounterPoint Market Intelligence- Consolidation in the Supply Base - download(pdf)
George Burton, Director

Embraer - Products and Market Trends Update - download(pdf)
Paulo G. Franklin De Abreu, Sr. Marketing & Strategy Manager

Goodrich Europe - download(pdf)

Merryl Lynch - Aircraft and Equipment Manufacturers: A Market Viewpoint - download(pdf)
Charles Armitage, Analyst

Pratt & Whitney Global Material Solutions- Powering Choice - download(pdf)
David Allinson, Director, Strategy & Business Development

Roland Berger - Carbon Emissions and the Aviation Industry - download(pdf)
Robert W. Thomson, Partner

Rolls Royce - Market Outlook 2007 - download(pdf)
Richard Evans, Market Forecasting Manager

SNECMA - Market Forecast 2007-2026 - download(pdf)
Bernard Jubelin, Market Analysis Manager

Superjet - A New Aircraft Family for the 21st Century - download(ppt)
Paolo Revelli Beaumont, Senior VP, Commercial
Dr. Svetlana Issaeva, VP, Sales - Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

Walsh Aviation - Commercial Transport Aircraft Marketplace Delivery & Retirement Forecasts - download(pdf)
John F. Walsh, President

WalshAviation - Regional and Business Jet Aircraft Market Outlook and Forecast - download(pdf)
John F. Walsh, President