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Latest News

  • 4/20/2018 - GE AVIATION earned $1.6b on $7.1b revenues in 1Q18 vs $1.3b on $6.7b in 1Q17; it shipped 186 LEAP engines vs 77 a year ago.
  • 4/18/2018 - PREMIUM AEROTEC has acquired Germany's APWORK (3D printing), an Airbus spin-off.
  • 4/17/2018 - SOUTHWEST AIRLINES 737-700 (27880) suffered an inflight uncontained engine (CFM56) failure between New York and Dallas, and was diverted for emergency landing in Philadelphia; one passenger was killed. NTSB is focusing on missing fan blade and potential metal fatigue.
  • 4/16/2018 - EMBRAER delivered 25 aircraft (14 E-Jets/11 Executive Jets) in 1Q18 vs 33 (18 E-Jets/15 Executive Jets) in 1Q17.
  • 4/12/2018 - SAS ordered another Trent-powered A330-300 for delivery in 2Q19.
  • 4/11/2018 - Download your SpeedNews ONSITE Briefing here.
  • 4/11/2018 - ELBIT SYSTEMS completed acquisition of UNIVERSAL AVIONICS SYSTEMS for $120m.

    QATAR AIRWAYS signed LOI to order five 777 Freighters.

    BOEING COMMERCIAL AIRPLANES delivered 91 aircraft (42 737NGs; 24 737 MAXs; 747; 767; eight 777s; 15 787s) in March 2018 vs 74 (47 737NGs; 747; 767; 14 777s; 11 787s) in March 2017.

    AVOCET AVIATION SERVICES has 321 Precision Conversions contract to perform its A321 prototype conversion at Orlando Sanford; it is then expected to convert at least five more.
  • 4/10/2018 - SAS agreed to acquire 50 more A320neos (15 from lessors/35 from Airbus) to increase fleet to 80.

    BOEING identified LION AIR GROUP as previously undisclosed customer for 50 737 MAX 10s.

    CFM INTERNATIONAL received Validated Type Certificate for LEAP-1A from CAAC.

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