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Latest News

  • 3/20/2018 - SKYUP AIRLINES, Ukraine ordered two 737 MAX 8s and three 737 MAX 10s.
  • 3/20/2018 - RYANAIR reached agreement with Niki Lauda to acquire 24.9% of Austria's LAUDAMOTION, and says as soon as possible it plans to increase stake to 75%.
  • 3/16/2018 - TRANSDIGM GROUP has acquired Southern California-based KIRKHILL (aerospace elastomers) from Esterline Technologies for $50m.
  • 3/14/2018 - A4A is projecting US airlines will carry all-time high of 150.7m passengers, or 2.47m per day, in Spring 2018 (March 1-April 30), up 4% vs a year ago.
  • 3/14/2018 - GE AVIATION made first flight of GE9X on its 747 flying testbed at Victorville.
  • 3/13/2018 - BOEING delivered 49 aircraft (29 737NGs; six 737 MAXs; two 767Fs; one 777; and 11 787s) in February 2018 vs 51 in February 2017.
  • 3/12/2018 - TURKISH AIRLINES finalized order for 25 787-9s, and optioned another five. It had previously announced intention to order 40.

    SPICEJET finalized $12.5b LEAP-1B order with CFM International for 155 737 MAXs.
  • 3/9/2018 - TURKISH AIRLINES signed MOU to acquire 25 A350-900s, and option another five. It had previously agreed to order 20.

    AIRBUS forecasts demand in India for 1,750 new pax/cargo aircraft (1,320 narrowbodies and 430 widebodies) worth $255b over next 20 years to satisfy 8.1% annual traffic growth.

    LORD has Boeing contract to supply the auto throttle module for 737 MAX out of Saint-Vallier, France and Cambridge Springs, PA.

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