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Latest News

  • 6/23/2016 - BOMBARDIER and GOVERNMENT OF QUEBEC finalized agreement to form partnership to assume assets, liabilities and obligations of CSeries program; INVESTISSEMENT QUEBEC will invest US$1b in partnership.
  • 6/22/2016 - EMBRAER named John Slattery as President and CEO-Commercial Aviation.
  • 6/21/2016 - BOEING confirmed sales agreement for 100-aircraft order from IRAN AIR.
  • 6/20/2016 - AIR LEASE CORP appointed John Plueger as next President and CEO (Steven Udvar-Házy will continue as full time Executive Chairman) and Gregory Willis as Executive VP and CFO.
  • 6/20/2016 - VIKING AIR, Canada agreed to acquire the Amphibious Aircraft program of BOMBARDIER.
  • 6/17/2016 - HGH INFRARED SYSTEMS acquired California-based ELECTRO OPTICAL INDUSTRIES from Blue Wolf Capital in deal arranged by Alderman & Company.
  • 6/16/2016 - BOMBARDIER received type validation from EASA and FAA for CS100 in preparation for delivery to SWISS at end of month.
  • 6/13/2016 - MATSUSAKA AIRCRAFT PARTS MANUFACTURING was established by Shinwa Industry and Mitsubishi to perform surface treatment and painting of MRJ/Boeing aircraft parts from 1Q18.

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SpeedNews is pleased to present its 4th Annual European Aerospace Raw Materials & Manufacturers Supply Chain Conference to be held on September 19, 2016.

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