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SPEEDNEWS DEFENSE BIWEEKLY reports the latest news and developments from the military aviation industry in the same concise format as SPEEDNEWS.

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SPEEDNEWS Defense Biweekly (launched in September 1991) reports the latest developments in the defense aviation industry in the same concise format as in SPEEDNEWS.

With SPEEDNEWS Defense Biweekly, you can quickly scan for news that directly affects your company. News items are usually 1-2 lines allowing quick access to the news that affects your company the most.

Each newsletter reports 50-100 individual news items.

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Do you want to purchase multiple copies of SPEEDNEWS Defense Biweekly for your company? SPEEDNEWS Defense Biweekly Site Licenses: A powerful and more cost-effective way for your company to receive multiple copies. Your company can choose from a 4-5 User Site License all the way to an UNLIMITED License. For more information on our E-mail Site Licenses, please email and a sales representative will contact you.