Darkside Scientific, creators of LumiLor Light Emitting Coating, is working with European aircraft manufacturer Airbus to create electroluminescent exterior markings for aircraft. The
announcement was made today.

LumiLor is the world’s first and only patented electroluminescent paint. The product allows manufacturers to design with light in ways previously impossible. It produces a single-color light that is visible at long distances and shines through many types of atmospheric conditions such as fog, snow and smoke.

Airbus Innovation leaders say they’re impressed with the technology behind LumiLor and see promising
possibilities for the future.

“This is an exciting new product that can turn surfaces into functional elements in an unconventional way,” said Vincent Loubiere, lead technologist at Airbus. “Darkside Scientific has the spirit we look for in our partners — dedication, reactivity, rapidity in developing and testing concrete solutions.”

Unlike many light sources such as LEDs, the brightness of LumiLor is distributed across the coating and appears the same from all angles of view. Simply put, anything you paint with LumiLor can be turned on and off as easy as a light bulb.

Researchers at Darkside Scientific have perfected the formula to withstand the harsh elements of jet travel, company leaders say.

“LumiLor has met the standards needed to be flown on the outside of commercial aircraft,” said Shawn Mastrian, chief executive officer at Darkside Scientific. “This creates new opportunities for Airbus to identify, promote, and differentiate its aircraft for its customers.”

Beyond the aerospace industry, LumiLor is being used successfully in a variety of industries including automotive, architecture, transportation and emergency lighting.

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