By: Paul S. Farsetta, Goodrich Aerostructures Vice President, Spares and New Business Development

Airframe. Engine. Component. Line. All are words associated with aircraft maintenance budgets, but where would the nacelle fall within these categories? The answer, surprisingly, is all four.

For more than 30 years, Goodrich Aerostructures has provided customer support and services for the nacelles on all of the major large commercial aircraft of the world’s airlines. From the entry into service of the first Airbus aircraft in the 1970s, Goodrich has grown its customer support organization to be the provider of choice for nacelle maintenance services through its global maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) network, parts distribution centers and technical support offices.

Unlike most commodities or aircraft components, the nacelle presents some unique challenges to providing customer support that can’t necessarily be attributed to other line replaceable units (LRU), components, structure or engine/accessories.

Size: The nacelle is undoubtedly the largest LRU on the aircraft. Being the structure that encases the engine, the major subcomponents of the nacelle (comprised of the inlet, fan cowls, thrust reverser and exhaust components) require highly specialized capabilities and a distribution network to provide high levels of customer support. Goodrich has grown its global presence over the last 20 years to include nine MRO locations around the world, each providing unmatched local support to the world’s airlines from aircraft introduction to retirement. In addition to providing local repair and overhaul services, lease and exchange rotables are located at each of these MRO facilities to ensure demand for large component exchanges can be accomplished within each region, enabling airlines to avoid costly delays in sourcing replacement components.

Technology: Unlike flight control or airframe structure, nacelle structure is designed with additional criteria in mind, mainly acoustic attenuation and unique environmental considerations. Being located in immediate proximity to the engine, the nacelle is exposed to heat, noise, vibration and other in-service factors that affect its performance. Acoustic attenuation is provided by means of small perforations in the airflow surfaces which can affect how the structure is maintained. Each of Goodrich’s nacelle MRO facilities has access to the core intellectual property used to design each nacelle component and is therefore able to provide innovative repair solutions even in the most challenging scenarios.

Integration: The functionality of the nacelle requires that the nacelle be integrated with both the airframe and the engine. As an integral part of load share arrangements, the rigging of the interfaces between the engine, nacelle, pylon, engine systems and aircraft systems is critical to the performance and reliability of the nacelle system. Goodrich’s technical services organization is deployed around the globe to provide assistance to troubleshoot and maintain these complicated integrated systems and structure.

Goodrich has developed its customer support infrastructure over the years to provide world class support services to meet these challenging needs. To counter these challenges, Goodrich Aerostructures has a fully staffed dedicated aftermarket services organization that includes the following functions:

  • Spare Parts
  • Technical Support
  • Asset and Rotables
  • Repair and Overhaul Services
  • Integrated Nacelle Services

The Goodrich Aftermarket Services organization “value stream” is structured to focus on the airline customer rather than balancing the needs of a production line with airline requirements for spare parts.

Goodrich’s 3 circles culture of ethical behavior, continuous improvement and the Goodrich People Philosophy are embedded within the organization and is captured in the phrase: “Through Service, Comes Success” and Goodrich has invested in developing the infrastructure specifically to support the nacelle and to become the world leader in nacelle maintenance services.

Through its integrated nacelle service group, Goodrich is able to offer a full range of services to accommodate different levels of existing capability based on an airline’s needs. Goodrich enables  customers to manage risk not only through full risk-transfer programs, but also by customizing programs that meet the customer’s needs through combining all the elements of parts, rotables, services and technical support into one service solution branded “Prime Solutions® ”

In summary, nacelle maintenance is a complicated business and maintenance costs are spread across various different functions within an airline’s maintenance organization. Goodrich is uniquely positioned as a leading provider of nacelle maintenance services to provide innovative nacelle maintenance solutions and world-class support to airlines in each of those areas.


Paul Farsetta, Goodrich Aerostructures Vice President, Spares and New Business Development, received his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Lehigh University. He joined Rohr Inc. in 1977 and served in a variety of financial roles through the first 15 years of his career there. In 1994, he became Rohr’s financial controller for its European subsidiaries. He returned to San Diego in 1997 as the Controller of Aftermarket Services. In 1997, Rohr merged with Goodrich and became Goodrich Aerostructures. That same year, Farsetta was promoted to director of Spares Business for Aerostructures. He is now the vice president of Spares and New Business Development, and is responsible for global spare part operations, distribution and sales. He also oversees the development of new aftermarket business opportunities and strategic relationships in the worldwide Aerostructures maintenance, repair and overhaul network.



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