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Latest News

  • 5/28/2015 - L-3 COMMUNICATIONS acquired CTC AVIATION GROUP, UK (pilot training/crew resourcing) for £143m, and renamed it L-3 CTC.
  • 5/27/2015 - INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES GROUP agreed to make cash offer of €2.55 per share (€1.4b) to acquire AER LINGUS GROUP; deal is supported by Aer Lingus Board and GOVT OF IRELAND.
  • 5/26/2015 - VERITAS CAPITAL agreed to acquire US-based STANDARDAERO from Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE).
  • 5/23/2015 - SIKORSKY AIRCRAFT made first flight of S-97 RAIDER helicopter.
  • 5/22/2015 - EXELIS received shareholder approval to merge with HARRIS CORPORATION on May 29.
  • 5/21/2015 - AZUL finalized order for 30 E195-E2s in $3.2b deal that includes purchase rights for 20 more.
  • 5/20/2015 - GE AVIATION and WOODWARD formed joint venture to design/develop/source/supply/service fuel systems for GE90, GEnx, GE9X and future GE large commercial engines.
  • 5/19/2015 - AIRBUS made first flight of LEAP-powered A320neo.

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