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Latest News

  • 1/26/2015 - PACAVI GROUP inducted its first A320 (293; ex-SmartWings) for pax-to-freighter conversion; work will be performed by HAITEC AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE in Frankfurt.
  • 1/24/2015 - AMERICAN AIRLINES took delivery of its first of 42 787s on order.
  • 1/23/2015 - EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK (EIB) committed to provide another €500m in financing to AIRBUS GROUP for R&D, increasing its total support since 2011 to €1.3b.
  • 1/23/2015 - GE AVIATION earned $4.97b on $24b sales in 2014 vs $4.35b on $21.9b in 2013.
  • 1/21/2015 - ATR posted record 160 orders, 83 deliveries and US$1.8b turnover in 2014 vs 89 orders, 74 deliveries and $1.63b turnover in 2013. It ended year with record backlog of 280 aircraft vs 221 a year ago.
  • 1/20/2015 - LUFTHANSA TECHNIK has Total Component Support contract from Brazil's Azul for its seven A330s.
  • 1/19/2015 - GKN AEROSPACE was selected by Rolls-Royce to supply Trent 1000 outer guide vane mount ring and rear fan case out of Newington, CT; El Cajon, CA; and Mexicali, Mexico in deal valued at $200m.
  • 1/16/2015 - AERCAP delivered 81 aircraft to lessees in 2014, and signed new lease agreements for 249 aircraft; it also purchased 33 new aircraft and sold 83 others, and ended year with portfolio of 1,660 aircraft.

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