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Latest News

  • 7/27/2016 - THE BOEING CO had $234m net loss on $24.76b revenues in 2Q16 vs $1.1b net profit on $24.54b in 2Q15 (it took $2.1b in after-tax charges related to 787, 747 and KC-46 Tanker programs); BCA lost $973m on $17.5b vs $1.2b profit on $16.9b, and has $417b contractual backlog (5,693 aircraft).

    AIRBUS GROUP had €1.36b net income on €16.6b revenues in 2Q16 vs €732m on €16.8b in 2Q15 (it took €1.41b in after-tax charges related to A400M and A350 programs); COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT earned €131m on €12.4b vs €1b on €12.5b, and has €931b order book (6,716 aircraft).
  • 7/26/2016 - JETBLUE ordered 30 more A321s (15 A321ceos and 15 A321neos) for delivery in 2017-2024, and now has 116 A320 Family aircraft on order: 25 A320neos, 31 A321ceos, and 60 A321neos.
  • 7/26/2016 - VIRGIN AMERICA received shareholder approval for its previously announced merger with ALASKA AIR GROUP.
  • 7/25/2016 - BOEING forecasts demand for 617,000 new pilots, 679,000 new technicians, and 814,000 new cabin crew over next 20 years.
  • 7/25/2016 - GKN AEROSPACE extended its risk and revenue sharing partnership with Rolls-Royce to supply intermediate compressor case (ICC) for enhanced performance Trent XWB-84.
  • 7/22/2016 - BOEING is taking $2.1b in after-tax charges to 2Q16 earnings related to 787, 747 and KC-46 Tanker programs.
  • 7/21/2016 - PEGASUS AIRLINES took delivery of the first LEAP-powered A320neo.
  • 7/19/2016 - ALERIS has new multi-year Airbus contract to supply aluminum plate and sheet, including wing skin material, starting 2017.

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