8th Annual Regional & Business Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings

8th Annual Regional & Business Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference Proceedings


AAR - MRO for Regional Aircraft - download(ppt)
Harry Saddock, VP & General Manager, AAR Aircraft Componet Services

AVOCET - Projet Six Seat Twin Jet - download(ppt)
Mark Biagetti, Chief Operating Officer

AVSTAT Associates - Regional Airlines Key to the Industry's Recovery - download(ppt)
Douglas Abbey, President

Aeronavali - ATG Cargo Conversions - download(ppt)
Marco Balbo, Business Development Manager

Aerostrategy - The Small Propulsion Engine Maintenance Market - download(ppt)
Dr. Kevin Michaels, Principal

Avcraft Aviation - The Dornier 328JET - download(ppt)
Ben Bartel, President & CEO

Bombardier Aerospace Regional Aircraft - Market and Program Overview - download(ppt)
Barry MacKinnon, VP, Marketing & Airline Analysis

Dessault Falcon Jet - download(ppt)
Brian T. Foley, Director, Marketing

Embraer - 37-108 Seat Regional Jets - download(ppt)
Orlando Neto, Director, Market Intelligence

General Aero Company - The Emerging Market for Microjets - download(doc)
Jack Olcott, President

Gulfstream - Product Review - download(ppt)
Bill Shira, VP, Marketing & Sales Support

Honeywell - Engines, APUs, Avionics, Landing Systems, Environmental, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems - download(ppt)
Chet Fuller, VP, The Americas Commercial Aerospace

Merrill Lynch - The View from Wall Street - download(ppt)
Dr. Ronald J. Epstein, VP, Equity Research

PRAVCO - Chinese and Russian RJ Programs - download(ppt)
Dr. David Pritchard, President

Raytheon Airline Aviation Services - 19-Seat Aircraft Market - download(ppt)
Dave Rosenberg, Manager, Business Development & Technical Support

Stanford Transportation Group - Air Taxis: Does Smoke Mean Fire? - download(ppt)
Gerald W. Bernstein, Managing Director

Verizon Airfone - Unlimited Visibility: The Sky's No Longer the Limit for Inflight Communications - download(ppt)
Bill Pallone, President